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On-Site Representation & Liaisons

Our on-site representatives at your customer's facilities address any quality concerns before they become major quality spills. We know you can't always be at your customers locations across the country. Let us be on your front-lines, developing and maintaining your customer relationships. 
We have established relationships with stakeholders in the assembly plants we work in. These relationships can help you avoid formal customer complaints, costly charge-backs  and line-shutdowns. 

  • 24 / 7 / 365 support and immediate response to any developing issues

  • Assistance in PTR's, PPAP approval, engineering changes, etc. 

  • Interaction with customer plant stakeholders in quality, materials and production

  • Root cause analysis of scrap charges and non-conforming material

  • Launch support to assure smooth new product integration

Your inspection needs are more than just VISUAL! Our trained staff is experienced in various inspection methods, including but not limited to:

Service Locations

We provide on-site representation at the following OEM assembly plant locations:

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